Out-patient Appointment Comprehensive Service Platform

>>[ Background]
Some companies have outbound calls due to its management or business development, such as marketing, service, monitoring or survey.  Generally, company usually finds outsourcing company who do out bound call temporarily. Therefore, it is hard to master task completion time, efficiency and cost. And with the development of Internet, SOHO has become a choice of some people.  VoIP technology enables that agents from call center can set outbound call service at home, thus, outbound call person can arrange the call task flexibly according to his/her time. Currently, the outbound call both from supply and demand side are scattered, which makes that business model of outbound call community become possible. This model has a sufficient development room.
Outbound call community completely changes traditional outsourcing mode, providing a transaction platform between customer with outbound call requirement and people who has qualification in community outbound call.  Customer only needs to submit outbound call requirement in this platform, and chooses outbound call person, and then complete task with high efficient.
Outbound call community does not only provide transaction platform and jobs, but also reduces operating costs by using home place of outbound call person, which responses to the national "energy conservation ".  Besides, outbound call community provides a large number of job opportunities, which can solve part of employment issues, and enhances relationship between enterprise and public, establishes a good public image.

>>[Main Functions]
Outbound Call Service Community Management Platform is a website technology as application portal. It has unified authentication function and so on. Services include 5 modules: Supply & Demand Management, Bonus Point Qualification Management, Knowledge Base Management, Basic Data Management and Configuration Management.

Supply & Demand Management is used to fulfill the demand & supply management of Outbound Call. It supports convenient release of outbound call for customers. Telecom managers audit the outbound call request and build the outbound call project. Community call service agent can take the tasks out of their own wish.
Bonus Point Qualification Management enables the call service agent's commission, bonus points and qualification management.
Knowledge Base Management fulfills the release of knowledge information within the customer's line of business and platform notices. Call service representative is able to retrieve the related knowledge and carry out online training and study.
Basic Data Management enables the unified management on customer data, lead contract information and call service representative data.
Configuration Management enables the management of system involved staff, organization and permission, including the report management and configuration function of workflow.

>>【System Features】
  • Pioneering building of outbound call exchange platform
It provides the exchange platform for the two parties of outbound call and one-stop solution.  Customers (including internal telecom staff) with outbound call request will only have to submit the request on outbound call service community web portal and the project managers will release the requirement, professional outbound call agent will complete the outbound call service. After finishing the task, the agent will provide the customer with outbound call analysis report to ensure that the whole call duration is smooth.
Outbound call service community has decreased the standards of enterprise's outbound call service, thus enables customers without self-built call service platform and without dedicated call service agent to conduct their outbound call plan freely.
  • Creative Outbound Call Agent Qualification Management
Formulate the rules of qualification assessment and task taking: it is able to take tasks of different values and different amount based on the qualification level.  Outbound call service agent with high qualification level can take outbound call tasks with higher value and larger amount. Meanwhile, the execution situation of outbound call task is closely related with the performance assessment and qualification change.  Through qualification management, the outbound call agent is able to focus on the quality of outbound call service.
  • Explore on the community operation and management mode.
If following the traditional operation mode, the expansion of call center service will surely bring the expansion of site and recruitment, as well as high costs and operation pressure.
Following this new mode, it is able to use the social staff to join in outbound call service, with objects like people in fancy of SOHO style, experienced person, relatively not mobile person, person with a lot of leisure time. It is also able to cut cost in site, and OPEX and ease the pressure on call center.

China Telecom, Jiangsu Branch Community Platform is officially launched in Wuxi City in 2011, which is backed up with 300 agents.
This platform is in good running status, which has decreased the standards for enterprise carrying out outbound call service. It also provides good quality outbound call service for outsources customers and improves the core competitiveness of the enterprise.   It exerts the efficient and great use of China Telecom branch and resources, drives the development of other telecom services, further explores the outbound call service and makes benefits as well.
By taking the way of community service, it has reduces the cost in fixed agents in call center, thus reduces the site costs and OPEX for call center,and avoids the risks in human  resources at the same time.


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